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ActionPlanner is a web-based application for efficient Follow-Up on Strategy Execution and Day-to-Day Employee Performance.
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Cookies Notice

The use of cookies on ActionPlanner

On our website we use cookies and Google Analytics to optimize the user experience for our visitors.


Among other things we use cookies for is to remember which pages you have seen and allowed auto form filling so that you don’t have to – saving you a lot of time. Our cookies also remember your company’s policy on whether or not we should allow the browser to remember your password.


It is not possible to use or login module without cookies. In fact it is not possible to use virtually any online programs without cookies. Cookies are helping to keep track of who you are logged in as. Without cookies, it is not possible to log into ActionPlanner.


Are cookies dangerous?
Cookies are not harmful and we would never put your digital identity at risk. As the word suggests, it’s just “cookies”. If you have further questions on the subject, please write to Customer Support at