When an initiative has been assigned to you, you actively need to approve or decline that initiative.

Approve the initiative from the top section “Initiativs awaiting action” on first page you see once you log in to ActionPlanner, in the “PRIORITY” tab:

Note: You unfold the section by clicking the “unfold” button on the very right side of the section (see pic below above for reference).

Click the button on the right side for “Approve/Modify/Decline” to take a decision whether to take on the responsibility or not.



When you have been assigned an initiative, you are able to choose from the following three options:

  • Approve – you are willing to take on the responsibility to drive and complete the initiative.
  • Modify – you would like to take on the responsibility with certain modifications, which you will propose and send back to the owner for approval.
  • Decline – you are not ready to take on the responsibility due to circumstances you will elaborate upon as part of you declining the initiative.